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Hello everyone! I will be picking up my White Tricoat QV white and green stitchings. The car also has the sparco seats, ceramic brakes, and the HK audio upgrades. I am in the Upstate Newyork region. This is my first car from Alfa Romeo and I am happy to join the alfa family. I've been lurking around in the forums and looked at common issues and advice for taking care of the car.

I have some questions regarding some of the following practices:

Should I wrap in film or coat the car? Are these options worth the cost? - I was looking at Xpel or CQuartz, as I will be driving in upstate NY with poor weather conditions in the winter.

When will I need to have the first oil change? - I've heard different answers from 500 to 1000miles

Should I have a new set of tires for daily driving? - As some are claiming that the stock performance tires wear out easily.

Do I have to drive in Natural mode for the first 1000 miles? - I've heard that it is best to keep engine revs under 4000 for the first 1000 mile.

Lastly, should I ensure that the softwares are up-to-date before taking the car out of the dealership? I've seen many software related issues reported on the forum.

Thanks everyone and I would appreciate any advice.
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