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2020 Giulia Quattroformaggio, 2020 Stelvio TI Sport
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Removed ST Springs and went back to stock.

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I viewed a couple of YouTubes on this which were super helpful, but they all glossed over a couple of details that matter. None mentioned that the front lower bolt for the strut to lower control arm is not to be re-used. They also didn't mention the procedure for tightening that bolt. As with most suspension bushings, you need to raise the suspension to some spec and then tighten the bolt, Tightening the bolts with the suspension sagging all the way down is a sure-fire way to ruin bushings. The service manual details the procedure with a special tool. I didn't have the special tool, but could at least get it close without it. Also, the rear springs are tricky to get out, the driver's side is the tougher of the two. I found that I needed to compress, rotate it CCW, release, re-grip, compress, rotate it CCW, etc, until the bottom coil end was on the outboard side, effectively a 180 deg rotation of the spring, so that it can be removed. Without doing that, it wouldn't compress it enough to get it out. Lastly, you can't get at one of the nuts of the passenger front strut at the top without removing the air intake duct, it's completely in the way of the nut, you can't get a socket on it.

Using the single spring compressor was clutch. If you don't have this style, get one. I bet it saved me several hours of time to do the job over using the dual style.

So why go back to stock? It's going into service on Monday to have knocking noises in the rear suspension checked out, and the passenger rear damper is seeping. I don't want any warranty issues. Also, the ST springs didn't work out, too low for me. I considered installing @Alfissimo 's GTAm springs, which I have in a box in black, but didn't want to risk it. I'll be putting them on after the service call and will do my own video on how to do it. I already have the GTAm control module, I can't wait to see how much better the GTA springs are than the ST springs when paired with that module.

For those on the fence, go ahead and do it yourself if you're use to doing work at this level. I think I could get it done in 6 hours or less next time.

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Steering column CF mount from @MADNESS Autoworks and Koshi:
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Seat back CF from Alibaba—mold and weave turned out really well. Could see these being popular with the Feroce lineup @MADNESS Autoworks
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2018 Q4 with Fiamenghi Ti exhaust, Race Mod, and Tecnico wheels.
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Picked her up from the Beauty shop (Imperial Works, Sacramento), looking like new.
Nasty scratch on driver's door (rock?): paint saved by film. Film removed and replaced.
Nasty whack on driver's mirror (rock?): paint saved by film. Film removed and replaced.
Nicks on passenger side skirt*: paint retouched, film removed and replaced.
Nick on driver's side rear sill (interior)**, touched up, almost invisible now.
Rough film on drivers side skirt that won't come clean***, removed and replaced.
Hood hinge height adjusted**** and fits perfectly now.

I highly recommend Imperial Works for your detailing, Expel or wrap installation and ceramic coating needs. It is worth the drive from the SF bay area to Sacto and back.

And, drove back through a rain storm and well, no longer pristine <sigh>. Nothing gets un-detailed as fast as a freshly detailed car...

* Oops, I kicked it with a snow shoe.
** Oops, careless cargo loading onto the rear seat.
*** GRRR, driving through road construction zones pelts the skirts with hot tar and rocks. I have done a lot of that.
**** Changed the OEM hood to be a QV hood last year. The QV hood sits a bit lower (3/16 inch?) at the rear so researched how to adjust and got it corrected. This is a relatively quick, but multi-person job.

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Went for a 250 mile run to nowhere in particular. Used it but not abused it like it was made for. Not meant to be a garage /car show queen! 😎
Dude this is awesome, I think im going to do this next week. Little stress reliever and well worth the cheap price of a tank of gas. Last time I did this I was busy taking a ton of photos and hiking to get to good spots etc. This time I will do the same as you and just drive.

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2022 Giulia Veloce | 997
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I never liked the newer wheel designs with the flat, machined face so wanted to upgrade them. Went back & forth between these vs. the original dark 5-hole design but due to several factors, namely the lack of availability of the 19x10s, heavier weight, more common design, and being a little darker than I wanted, I went with the forged Tecnicos by Fuchs. I also really wanted the wheels to pop and the silver does that quite well.

Specs: 19x8.5 ET 34 (19.5 lbs) wrapped in 245/35 PS4S + 19x10 ET 44 (20.5 lbs) wrapped in 295/30 PS4S.

The QV size for the rear is 285/30 and that creates a flush setup with an effectively equal diameter with the fronts, but the PS4S doesn't come in that size. Going to 275s would give the car a negative rake so that was out. Admittedly I don't have the power levels to take advantage of all that rubber, but upgrade options are available. ;)

While the design isn't quintessentially Italian, I still love it.

Al 6082 for those keeping score at home.

Got all 4 to fit in the car but needed two trips to retrieve them with tires installed.

They come with the black & white center caps, but I wanted the colored ones.

Didn't buy the OEM TPMS sensors and instead bought this set for 1/7th the price on eBay; others had good luck with them and they seamlessly integrated with the car. It's crazy how many compatible part numbers I found.

Full wash followed by ceramic coating; first time using this from AMMO and curious to see how well it works.

Halfway there.

Sadly after taking that photo, I realized the rear tire looks flat. Removed the valve stem cap and it immediately started leaking (turns out the Schrader valve was just loose). But I needed to inflate it to drive it into the garage and upon doing so, saw bubbles:

Couldn't take it by myself back to America's Tire because reasons:

Had a buddy help out the next day; they popped the bead and resealed far so good.

Weight comparisons. Negligible in the rear but a good amount in the front.

Recreated this photo from November now with tint and the CF trunk spoiler.

I always smiled when walking to the car, but now I smile and nod. (y)

A mild drop will complete the look but I don't want to upset the ride, so it'll likely stay stock.

The rears stick out 5 mm more than they should but the all-around performance of the PS4S is more important.

Fronts are good though.


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2022 Giulia Veloce | 997
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Excellent decision. It's simply another car. Bright Tecnico(s) either OEM or not, is the way to go, in my opinion. Congrats!
Thanks! I've always felt wheels do more to transform a car than anything else. Well, except paint.

PS4S does come in 285/30-R19, check Michelin website - part number is 338231.'re right, but America's Tire doesn't carry them for some reason. I guess I could've bought them separately and brought them over but ehhh, too late now.

The TPMS warning still hasn't reset and it's giving me a "low tire pressure" warning when it's reading 36 psi (although I'm getting 40 psi with an actual gauge). I read about needing to inflate to at least 39 psi for the system to reset, but that hasn't worked yet. I think I just need to drive it more and then I'll set the pressures properly.

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2023 Veloce Q4
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Installed OEM weather mats courtesy of @614 ! They seem to be good quality mats, and they fit quite snuggly despite not having any attachment points, no moving around or anything. Plus, they've got the Alfa Romeo script on them, what more can one want? :)

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