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Waiting with much anticipation!

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Greetings fellow Alfa Giulia lovers.

First off, I have been enjoying all of your stories, photos, and knowledgeable insight into the new Giulia. Thank you "all" for your helpful information.
Enjoying this forum has solidified my thinking to make an educated decision, and pull the trigger on a new Giulia. I test drove one about three weeks ago, pulled back up to the dealer lot after the initial drive, and then politely asked to take it back out by myself.

I was pleasantly surprised to have my request granted. Needless to say, upon my return trip I knew I was sold on this car!
Searched a 300 mile radius to find my dream spec, negotiated with a few dealers, and all came to fruition with what I believe is a very good price. I am picking her up tomorrow! (woo hoo)

2018 Giulia Ti Sport AWD
Vesuvio Grey/Red interior
Driver static package
Harman Kardon
Red calipers

I will continue to enjoy this forum, and in a very short time as an owner, be able to contribute instead of simply sponging all of the great content!

Will try to sleep tonight, but it will not be easy...:grin2:
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Welcome to your new love affair lol. The Vesuvio Gray when clean and polished is just gorgeous. Not sure what the "22S" is? At any rate, post some pics of your new car when you can, and welcome to the forum!
Congratulations on your decision. Good move.

Did you reward the dealer who granted your wish? I had the same experience. The dealer who patiently worked with me did not have the spec I wanted. I found the car I wanted, and the dealer which had worked with me made it all happen, arranged transport and I got the car I wanted. A true "win-win".
Thank you both! The 22S is the code for the sport AWD package. Yes, I rewarded the dealer and picked up the car only to have electrical issues right out of the gate. I hope to get the car back soon, so I can actually drive it again. Alfa Tech is still working in it. Fingers crossed and staying positive!
What dealer in NY? Good luck with the car.
Thanks alfa55. Westbury.
Welcome! Oh that's painful :( Let's hope you can get her sorted soon!
Thanks FNM! Me too. :)
Nice combination. I must consider that for the next time....Please let us know how your car is.
Thanks ChiAlfaRabbi,
I have wanted a car with a RED interior since I was a kid, this Giulia seemed like the car that could pull it off best!
I will keep all updated. I have a thread going under "issues" still waiting to see whats what from dealer. Fingers crossed!
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