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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share some very recent pics of my QV with the Tecnicos on the car.

As we all know, Alfa Romeo would not let anyone in the US who optioned their QVs with carbon ceramic brakes to order the Tecnicos too.

So after many months of waiting for the car to arrive with the dark 5 holes, I reached out to @JoeCab over at Centerline International, and ordered up a few great products from them.

  • Tecnico wheels
  • Titanium Lug Bolts
  • Colored Center Caps
  • BMC Air Filter

I must admit looking back on this, if I were to have been able to option the Tecnico wheels from the start, I would have never had them powder painted black... which I'm glad I did, because I think it turned out really great for the look I am going for.

I may even be the first (known?) QV in the states (or world?) with gloss black Tecnicos on their car. Regardless, I think it came out super clean and I love the new look, as it really lets the yellow Brembos shine!

I had the wheels installed by Wheel Enhancement, and their work & shop does not disappoint !

The Boxster Spyder below is a daily driven - 170,xxx mile vehicle !

Some of their other cars they were working on while I was there.

Lift Buddies >:)

Got brakes!?

The hardware!



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Love the way it makes the yellow calipers pop, but also how the wheels stand out from the gray paint. I've always loved the black and gray combination and this is too dope man! Looks super clean, and it seems you were in great company with those lift buddies too haha!
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