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After placing my order down on January 14th, 2017, my car finally arrived at the dealership on May 24, 2017!!

After reading all the gripe re: the time of production / tentative delivery dates / lack of knowledge re: where the car is v. the actual job status of the car... well, let me tell you that once I was behind the wheel.. all of that went right out the exhaust tips!

I got a call from my dealership, The Auto Gallery of Santa Monica, and they said "Hey, your car is here!" ... and the rest is history.

I picked the car up that Wednesday, and used this past Memorial Day weekend to get that break in mileage over with and drove up the California coast to Northern California and back to LA. It sure did add the miles on quick, and was a great opportunity to really learn the ins and outs of the car.

I'm still truly at a lost for words and I don't think this has sunken in yet as it being "my" car, but to say the least, it feels like I'm in control of a bullet that's already been fired from a gun.

Huge shout out to Jon, Montana, Darian, Isaac and everyone else at The Auto Gallery for making this dream come to fruition.

Paint/Seat/Trim: PG1 Vesuvio Gray Metallic

*BL Sparco Leather/Alcantara Race Seats

Options: CZL Seats with White & Green Stitching

19X8.5 19X10.0 Dark 5-Hole Wheels

Quadrifoglio Carbon Fiber Strg Wheel

RCA Harman Kardon Premium Audio

Calipers Gloss Yellow w/Black Script

Brembo Ultra High Perf CCM Brakes

Alfa Romeo Car Cover

Driver Assistance Dynamic Package

Infrared Windshield

Lane Departure Warning

Auto High Beam Headlamp Control

Forward Collision Warning

Adaptive Cruise Control w/Stop

MET Active Aero CF Front Splitter

Met up with an old friend up in NorCal..

His neighbor has some cool eye candy too..

Saw this cool beer bottle from Bear Republic and had to buy it! Notice anything ?


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Congrats :grin2: I've got your burka!

Our blue Ti Q2 arrived the day before your Quad did. When I asked for my burka (I've got the burka my 4C shipped in), I was informed that only the Quads ship in a burka. They said they'd save me the next Quad burka, but had no idea when one would be available. I left my 4C at the dealer overnight while driving our Ti home. When I went back the next day on the 24th, a burka was waiting for me. I stuffed it in the trunk. BTW, in the first pictures of your Quad wearing full burka, my red 4C was parked next to your Quad, just off screen. She looks well used because she is well used with 27,000 miles.

I'm kind of disappointed though, my 4C burka has a big AR shield covering the hood. The Quad burka is just plain without any markings.

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