Hey all -

Decided to make this a separate posting. I have two 19x8" OEM dark hole wheels. They're a little beat up with some paint flaking and a little bit of curb damage but can be easily fixed especially if you have a wheel and tire package. They'll come with TPMS and center caps.

I also am bundling this with 4 Toyo Celsius all-weather tires in 225/40/19. Two of them are mounted to the wheels and two are standing by themselves. These tires are in very good condition with plenty of tread. They are absolute monsters in the snow especially with a Q4 equipped car. They're comfortable and quiet in the dry, although not as high peak grip as DWS06s or a high performance summer tire. The tires are free of damage with no patches plugs or similar.

I would sell the tires separately, but two of them are mounted on wheels and I don't want to take them off the wheels and risk damaging them.

I'm willing to meetup in the buffalo area or within a few hours of the area. Glad to answer any questions or send more pictures.
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