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Now this is something crucial. Nothing too crazy, but enough to give us some precious time back in life. Being stuck in traffic takes a lot of time out of peoples days. Having a traffic-assist could really come in handy and allow you to be doing something productive within that time-frame.

Now the question is.. Could we possibly get this in the Giulia in later years ?

Critics have pointed out that semi-autonomous technology isn't compatible with a brand like Alfa Romeo, whose cars are primarily developed to be enjoyed by the driver. However, company executives firmly believe that traffic jam assist tech will become a necessity in the coming years, especially in the premium segment that Alfa aspires to compete in.

"We all know the situation, whether you live in London or Milan. You go to work in the morning and very quickly you find yourself in a sequence of stopping and starting, and it is a real waste of time and energy. In the future we will start to give you that time back so you can spend it better," explained company boss Harald Wester in an interview with British magazine Autocar.

Wester declined to provide a specific time frame. At this point, all we know is that the technology most likely won't be ready when the Giulia hits the market later this year.

Alfa Romeo parent company Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) is also looking at developing a driverless vehicle, though Wester warned that FCA won't sell a fully autonomous car until 2024 at the very earliest.
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