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Had a great end of season tracking event at SCR. First time with the new Remus exhaust, it rocked. The in car video you can't hear it too much but in the observation deck video you can.

Had both my Giulia QV and 4C out there and they were quite the attention getters. Everybody really liked the new Alfas. And on the track the Alfa cars were the fastest beasts of the day except for some NASCAR ground pounder types.

Did Guilia fast lap times around 1:36-1:37, that's fast for a saloon car especially being on the street tires and with a passenger. Next year I'll probably put some Hoosier slicks on go for some real speed. Kind of sketchy at this tracks high-speeds of up to 150mph on 300 hardness street tires. FYI my 4C with Hoosier slicks did a 1:34.02 with a passenger in the car which is a scorching fast time and the fastest I've gone yet.

In car video: car sounds so quiet but it is a loud exhaust. Forgot to take my license plate out of the front window this session, sorry. Something I thought I would never see, look for the rented U-Haul truck out tracking! Wow for only $19.95 you can burn up all the tires and brakes you want. Always something crazy at this track during the public events.

Video from the observation deck of my trailer. Interesting to hear all the different sounds from the different cars.

To put my lap times in perspective there's not a lot of posted fast lap times because the tracks kind of small and they don't have much management. But I included a videos of:

Porsche instructor driving a Porsche 911 GT3 at a Porsche instruction day doing 1:41 lap times.
3 Instructor laps
1st lap warm up
2nd lap 1:41
3rd lap 1:41
"3 Laps Spokane Raceway Park"
Porsche 997 GT3 driven around Spokane Raceway Park by the Chief Driver's Education Instructor of the Inland Northwest Region (Porsche Club of America). The objective is to illustrate the correct line around the track. The first slower lap is annotated by the Instructor. Two more laps are not annotated and are driven faster."

And here is a
Porsche Cayman GT4
1:38.9 best lap time

And an open wheel racer doing a 1:29.8


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