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AutoSpies had thought the Cadillac ATS-V was the closest competitor to the M3, until now. With over 500 horsepower, I think it's definitely more than possible. How about you ?


It seems as though as any halfway decent sport sedan shows up on the scene, it is immediately said to be for the BMW M3 to lose its crown.

Yet, it never does. Only recently has the competition become so fierce that BMW is really in jeopardy of losing its coveted accolades.

Right now, I think the Cadillac ATS-V is as close as it gets. The Lexus RC F is too heavy, the Mercedes-AMG C63 S is not as precise and its lacking that 6.2-liter V8 sound, and the Audi RS5 is just too **** old. There's just one problem: When I recently drove a six-speed ATS-V sedan I walked away a bit bummed. That's because the ATS-V Coupe is a significantly better competitor to the Bavarian.

But, what we've been waiting for has finally come. The drive of the all-new, Alfa Romeo Giulia. Yes, it's the one with the four leaf clover on it, which means its making over 500 horsepower and has all of the qualities of a "bad guy" going for it.

If anyone has a real chance at surpassing the BMW I think it may be Alfa. That's because we're sure it will drive more nimble and have more zest to it than the German could ever dream of. While the past week may have seen a flurry of Giulia reviews drop, this is the first English-spoken video to hit the web.

So, we're dialing you in.

What do you make of it, Spies? Is THIS the REAL BMW M3 competitor?
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