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So overall I love this car, but sometimes it makes me a little crazy. I've gotten feedback from a couple other owners on these issues, but mostly they seem to think that's just how the car is. Understanding that there are some software issues out there, I'm curious A. do you guys experience/notice these issues? B. are any of them covered under any of the known fixes? I'm comparing this most directly to my E46, but also many other cars I've had in the past, most recently a 2014 MB C250. What do you guys think?

I've sort of narrowed down the problems to four things:
  1. When slowing down the transmission down shifts too aggressively, leading to the car jerking several times as you approach a stop. It's difficult to slow the car down smoothly; it seems like in 'a' mode it's much better, but I can't leave it in 'a'.
  2. When first starting the car up after it's been sitting a bit, it's really jerky when accelerating slowly, like out of a parking lot. Feels like the engine or transmission are stumbling.
  3. It seems like the car applies the parking brake when I stop at a light? The parking brake light isn't on, but basically when stopped at a light when I release the brake pedal but don't apply gas yet the car doesn't move, then a second later it starts rolling like a brake was released. A second after this the car kind of jerks forward. It's weird.
  4. Climate control is wonky! Blows harder on passenger side (sometimes), seems to direct air to the floor vents in addition to the dash vents (sometimes) even when it's blazing hot out. Behavior is really inconsistent and leads to the cabin not cooling off as fast as it should.

I've had the car about a month and my bimmer was mostly parked the whole time, I finally drove the E46 for two days last week and it just made all the issues above more apparent. My BMW just goes and stops as you'd expect, no fuss. Seems like I'm always on edge with the Alfa, putting a lot of effort into getting it to just work smoothly.
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