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I'm one that likes to have all the available information on my car. So even though I've only had my car a week, I decided to explore what service information is available. Here's what I found.

Service Manuals
There is a CD available to buy for the 2017 cars on the techauthority site. There's no 2018 yet so I'll wait for that before I order. The description says that it does not include wiring diagrams. It also does not include parts diagrams and numbers.
Service information is also available under the Techauthority Online on the same website. Since the CD is available and since there's not an easy way to print a whole manual at once, I'll probably just order the CD.

Parts Diagrams
These are available under the techauthority online on the same website for both 2017 and 2018. I tried a 1-day subscription for $24.95 just to see what was out there and to download what I could with a reasonable amount of effort. You can input your VIN and get specific listings for your car. I found that they only let you print one diagram at a time. Even so, I was able to download all the diagrams for my car using Chrome's print-to-PDF option. The process is a little cumbersome since you have to enter a filename for each diagram. I just copy-pasted the name from the index on the left side to use as the filename. The diagrams are pretty good and have real english part descriptions unlike the ones from early days that had italian-english. There are many parts that have missing part numbers however. Not sure what the story is there.

Wiring Diagrams
These are also available under the online section for both 2017 and 2018 using a separate application. The diagrams are in the horizontal block diagram format used by many manufacturers recently. Again, there is a per-diagram print option, but there is a LOT of detail here and it wouldn't really be practical to download everything. I did download all the main diagrams . This process was easier because the there is a direct download button that didn't require the time-consuming print-to-PDF process.

As a note of interest, I saw that there are wiring diagrams for the 350HP "HO" 2.0L engine. I think this was already reported in the journals.

Service Bulletins
These are available under the online section for 2017. I guess there are none for 2018. I downloaded all of the 2017.

If others find other sources of service information or if you find an easier way to download the information on the techauthority site, please post here. It would be nice if Alfa was more open like other brands. With Audi, you can find up-to-date parts diagrams online for free. Also you can download entire manuals as PDFs with a 1-day subscription to the service site.
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