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So I have had my Ti Q4 for a little over 2 months now and have about 2400 miles on it. The car, as almost all of them here in the New England region came with the All Season P7 runflats... which are dreadfull. Besides even CarAndDriver complaining about the stock all season tires being horrible for performance numbers on these cars, they also are just way too harsh and have zero grip.

I complained on the multiple test drives I went on before I purchased my car and said if I buy it, I want the tires switched out for something thats comparable to this cars performance capabilities. They said no problem pick a tire. Delivery day came, had P7's, then I said well should we schedule that appointment to switch the tires? They said nope we cant do anything about it sorry, they will loosen up and have more grip after being driven a little on them.

Well its been quite a few miles and every day they seem to get worse instead of better, and its the only gripe I have with the car right now. Connecticut is not exactly known for having the best roads, and runflats just wont do... especially when im not sacrificing ride complaince for fabulous grip and performance or something...

I am also convinced that due to these horribly stiff and harsh tires, they are to blame for the new rattles/squeaks/noises I hear every time I drive this thing.

Long story short, alfa care did basically nothing but offer me 2 free oil changes and tire rotations, which I suppose is nice yes but doesn't solve my issue. The dealership offered to mount and balance the tires for free if I buy a set from them as a constellation... um, isnt that free practically anywhere with a purchase of four tires?! Townfaire Tire even does an alignment for free with a tire purchase!

***And on a side note, since I will have to be the one who bites the bullet and gets a new set of tires, I plan on increasing the size of these donuts to something that doesn't come on a Honda Civic... 225's on a 19 inch rim is pretty pathetic for most cars, especially a performance oriented luxury car such as the Giulia. That decision boggles me but what do I know, I didnt go to school for engineering or anything;)

I think most likely for now I plan on doing ultra high performance all seasons, but might consider getting a set of winter and summer tires if I can get some money for these stock ones which I have on the car now. Regardless of which I go for, I have checked and confirmed with a tire shop that 235s, 245s, and even some 255s can fit on these rims safely. MY only question is which should I go for, and which are going to get the best performance. I might even consider staggering them but that wasnt available from factory on the Q4 models so who knows if theres a reason behind that system-wise... I have heard that sometimes going too small of a jump in width wont yield any greater results, and going too wide could potentially decrease the stock performance. I need opinions!!!
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