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Canadian border finally opened up just enough time for me to make a short Tracking trip to Canada, the fantastic Area 27 racetrack.
It鈥檚 a 3 mile long track designed by an F1 driver.
Decided to take my SUV up there and blow some minds and I certainly did馃槂
I set the track record for the fastest SUV there ever.
The track marshal and all the flag workers were just blown away with how fast it was not to mention all the Porsche 911s and other cars I passed.
The Grand Tour went up there once and had an episode about SUVs it鈥檚 pretty good, Clarkson did 2:40 laptime I did 2:19s.
The full 21 seconds faster got to be happy about that!
The race track has a neat little shrine in their trophy room about The Grand Tour episode. Talking with the track president he said the boys were just like they are on TV! LOL
Here鈥檚 a couple videos really there is only three other cars faster than me the whole two days I was there and they all were track only cars.
end of the season so I had only worn out tires but with better tires and more time I鈥檓 sure I could鈥檝e done a 2:17 or less. That is a really good lap time especially for a flying toaster lol.
A couple years ago I did 2:21s in my Giuila QV before I did the widebody. Pretty sure if I bring the Giuila up there next year with the widebody mods I鈥檒l be around 2:12-2:14 and that is smoking fast.
Alfa Stelvio rocks!
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That鈥檚 awesome! I wasn鈥檛 paying attention to who had posted it until your comment about the wide body car and I remembered you said you had a Stelvio also. Very cool.

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