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Remember the days when manuals didn't require that you depress the clutch pedal in order to start the car? And if you turned the ignition without doing so, the car would lunge forward (or backward) if it were in gear when you tried to start it?

My QV has done this twice now. Scared the heck out of me each time, but the first time was the scariest.

I really don't trust the start/stop feature in this car so at first I always disabled it. However, I recently decided to trust it and give it a try from time to time when in heavy traffic.

For a while it worked well. A slightly slow response to start in some situations, but decent. Then, one day I was in bumper to bumper traffic. I let off the brake pedal to inch forward as the cars ahead were creeping, and the car lunged forward on start up as if I were starting an old-school manual while in gear! I got back on the brake so fast, otherwise I would have tapped the car in front of me pretty good! Scared me half to death!!

Needless to say it's now second nature to disable the start / stop feature as soon as I get in the car.

Be careful out there if you use this feature and have not experienced this, yet.
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