Howdy all,

As I am selling my 2018 Giulia QV, I am also selling a few extras I purchased as well. I don't have any performance upgrades on the car, however I purchased this logger so I could open the exhaust flaps in other driving modes. The more important reason was so I could lower the front splitter to clean it and remove any debris that may have been lodged while driving.

I only have a few hundred miles on the logger as I have been traveling for work since I purchased the car. This is a really neat little tool. This is the LIGHT version but only has a few things missing over the full version.

I have the instructions as well, but they can be downloaded from the Alfissimo International website as well. All you do is just plug it into your OBDll port and off you go. I never really got deep into the logger but it can also be upgraded to the full logger. Just contact Jason at Alfissimo and he will take care of that for you.

The price as new is $460. I am selling this for $425.00 plus shipping. It really is a cool little piece. I have attached the link to the logger page on Alfissimo's website. If interested drop me a line.