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The Spyker C8 Spyder is a very rare and unique machine, but for some people, the notion of "just a bit more" is too much to resist. The owner of this particular Spyker reached out to us with a mission: to make his C8 Spyder a bit more exciting by designing a custom exhaust system and tuning the ECU to extract a bit more power. To accomplish this, we dialed in a mild tune on our Dynojet and extracted gains of 31whp and 16 ft-lbs of torque to match the aggressive new soundtrack.

We'd love to show off the impressive work that our fabrication team did on this build, but the owner has asked that we keep this one under wraps. Instead, we'll have to let the video do the talking for us.

Do you have an interesting supercar that you'd like to get more out of? shoot us a PM, we are always happy to take on a challenge!



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