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Hello all.

As we all are pretty much aware of, the only option for us in the U.S. as far as oil goes is either the dealer or Advance Auto and purchasing Pennzoil Platinum Euro LX, I've heard rumors of some people getting their hands on Shell Helix Ultra but that's a discussion for another day. Price at Advance is $9.99 and from what I'm able to gather, is excluded from oil change specials that they run.

I decided to go straight to a distributor and was able to find a cheaper source, at least for those of us in Illinois/Iowa. Rock Island Lubricants carries our unicorn oil, I spoke with Gary today via e-mail and he gave me a price of $172.56 for a 24 quart Ecobox. That works out to $7.19/qt. Due to my location, freight would tack on roughly $26 so I'm looking at roughly $8.27/qt.

Not sure how useful this information will be to those outside of Illinois/Iowa, but I figured I'd share. If you've been able to find a good source on an oil that meets our spec, please share with the forum! As a side note, Advance clearanced their Idemitsu 0w20 in December and I was lucky enough to get 40 quarts at $0.72/qt so the Mazda will be fed for a while. Hopefully, they end up doing that with the PP and we can stock up!
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