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I don't think I've seen this posted on the forum before, so I thought I'd start a thread for people to share photos of their sim racing setup.

I don't have mine yet, so no photos from me, but I know what I'm going to build. I just bought an extended warranty for my qv, which I'll post about once it's official, so I need to replenish my funds first before I drop 1k into a rig lol.

I have a 65 inch OLED TV paired with a PS4 Pro and Assetto Corsa.

I tested the Logitech G29 but didn't like it; the force feedback felt way too blocky. The best way to describe it is to compare it to turning a car steering wheel which feels like pushing a circle on flat ground, smooth and no bumps; turning the Logitech wheel on the other hand feels like rolling a square on flat ground, you feel the thud of the flat side of the square bumping the ground every rotation. The brake pedal also has very little travel and feels like it only goes to 40% even if you stomp on it.

I plan to get the Fanatec CSL instead and want to couple it with the Playseat Challenge. Hoping that happens in the next few months.

While I don't have a photo of my own, I'll get this thread started with a photo of the rig my friend just built this weekend; he got the Fanatec CSL coupled with the Openwheeler GEN2.

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