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Replace Oil warning popping up

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I have been getting a yellow warning pop up as soon as I start the car. It stays for about 10-20 seconds and goes away.
My car (base giulia, awd) has been serviced when it was at around 9700 miles(end of December), now its at 11500 miles.
I have checked the oil level in the infotainment system and it looks fine. Can someone share their knowledge as to what I can do at this point?
Is it an issue? Or does this car needs oil change every couple thousand miles? Since I am done with the free service, can someone let me know how much this will cost if I get it done at a dealer? (though I was assuming I didnt had to go through it till the end of this year)

Thank you in advance for the suggestions/information
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Did they correctly reset the oil service indicator when they last changed the oil ? It would appear not .... ;)
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Yeah(I guess).. It didnt pop up all these months. but started yesterday
did they reset your service counter in infotainment? Might be a sensor issue if all the resets were done... back to the dealer! :(
did they reset your service counter in infotainment? Might be a sensor issue if all the resets were done... back to the dealer! :(
Yes they did
As stated they likely didn’t reset the service reminder properly, they need to go into two separate modules to do it, one being the ECM and the other being the IPCi believe. Head back and let them know, I’m sure they can have one of the techs hook up to it and perform the reset.
as we approach first 10-12 months of driving there are going to be a few of these and each one is going to generate a query

example, - meanwhile back in England they are also discovering this even though there are lots of threads scattered all over the net

here is my experience and what i found -

-the threshold for the replace engine oil warning is generated as a calculated value by the cars computers and not as a result of a sensor
-driving style, etc will affect how soon it will pop up
-it does not go away until the counters are reset, obviously when the oil is changed
-the infotainment counter is separate to the oil degradation counter and BOTH need to be reset at time of service or oil change
-it is a pain in the arse because it occurs outside of the service intervals and you may need to work around it

how i know this - i requested and had an oil change at 7,000 klms - i noticed they reset the infotainment counter, - as i approached 13,000 klms i got the replace engine oil warning light - queried that i had changed it 6,000 klms ago and that was where we all discovered the hard way that the infotainment counter does not do the trick and that it is a separate counter that needs to be reset -
You could have an early service to kill two birds or change the oil between services, however make sure they understand the oil degradation counter, or you will be back for a reset
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Just wanted to share what I learned recently.

The oil change reset needs 1) a reset of the odometer counter and days to next oil change in the infotainment system. I think this is done by clearing all the DCTs when in OBD. 2) using a regular OBDII device to get in and reset oil light specifically, which comes up as an option.

My odo counter and days to next oil change were reset when I changed the oil, but the oil change required kept coming back up. Used a regular OBDii reader to log in. There was an option that said reset oil. I tried it. It brings up Fiat and asks if this is the car you have. I did several tries with various options, Fiat 2014, Fiat newer vehicle. Initially thought it did not work as the screen on the OBD reader would go back to main menu without telling if it was completed or not. However, after the car was restarted the oil change required light was gone!
As mentioned before, there are 2 locations where oil change needs to be reset.
first is in the ECU, to reset all the usage conters
second is service interval, used in the infotainment


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