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Hi guys

Thinking of picking up a Giulia when the June lease rates are announced. One item that is a must for me is some type of bike rack compatibility. A couple of quick questions:

1) Is a rear "trailer hitch receiver" available for the Giulia? Something with a 1.25"/2" receiver that could take a conventional Thule/Yakima/Kuat hitch mount bike rack?

2) I've seen some earlier posts on the forum about roof racks, and there are referenced to ones by Thule- I still don't see any on their US website. Has anyone managed to get one in the US and had a successful install? I'd love to see photos!

At this point, it's almost a toss up between the Giulia and Stelvio for me, but the Stelvio doesn't seem to have bike rack options right now either.

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