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For those who have a Radar Detector, Blendmount does have mounts that work on the Giulia's Rearview Mirror

Model depends on type of Radar Detector

Escort: BBE/BMX/BMG-2019
ValentineOne: BV1-2019
K40: BK4-2019

They also have a mount for a GoPro: BGP-2019
$130 for a mount? You must be kidding me. I try not to complain about prices of most things because I understand market determines it and some may say I'm cheap -- but in what world is $130 reasonable for a mirror mount for a radar detector, when I could just spend $25 for a suction cup mount? I remember looking into this years ago for my RR, and was appalled then. I figured it was low demand. Maybe I don't understand, if so, please explain to me.

Thanks in advance,
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