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Long a hot trim on strange subcompacts Alfa Romeo wants Quadrifoglio Verde to become analagous to bMW's M, Mercedes AMG and Audi's Quattro.

FCA's Australian CEO Pat Dougherty went on a ramble recently, saying that models like the MiTo and Giulietta are totally unworthy of the storied Cloverleaf. “The QV designation will soon be reserved for Giulia and above, meaning it will come off the Giulietta and models at that end of the Alfa family,” he said to CarAdvice. “QV won’t become a standalone brand, it will be synonymous with the likes of BMW M, AMG, that sort of thing.”

Truthfully, instead of mourning the loss of two quirky hot hatches, instead look forward. Is this Alfa subtly telling us the Giulietta will become RWD? It already will share a facility with the Giulia and if they deem it currently unworthy of the brand one has to imagine they will either fix it or stop selling it entirely...
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