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Hello everyone,

My name is Rudi and I'm a 4C owner. Some of you probably know me from the 4C forum, where we are continuing the development of 4C where the Alfa Romeo left it, if I may say so. I've been pretty sure I'll go with another mid engined car in the near future, but I'm having a hard time finding something loveable and track capable within my budget range. There are some appealing Ferrari's but, I also want a car that I can afford to track, and Ferrari definitely isn't fitting me here. I don't want just to have it and garage it, I want to drive it, track it, enjoy it. So it's Giulia QV that caught my attention. It's Alfa Romeo, it's potent and probably one of the last "proper" Alfa Romeo before the merging with PSA to form the Stellantis group. Also the prices of Giulia QV are now somewhat within my budget range and I would love to see what this car with some proper mods can do on a track.

Anyway, the long story short. I'll probably go for a QV within a year or so, unless something extraordinary comes out. Until then I'll be lurking the threads on this forum.





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