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I have done this several times; it is not a fun job.

The "hidden" fasteners are 2 torx screws that go downwards between the rear bumper and the diffuser, essentially behind the red rear reflectors. There is 1 per side. You really have to contort yourself to get to them.

I know it seems like more work, but the official procedure from Alfa is to not separate the diffuser from the rear bumper, but to remove the rear diffuser and the rear bumper as a single unit.
I just installed the Italian lip on the QV rear diffuser and YES that there are TWO of these screws! It's a little difficult but you can reach it through the exhaust.

1.You first have to remove all of screws underneath holding the difuser.
2. Remove the screws ”four” behind the rear tires
3. Once this is loose, use something to pull the difuser down and back. (I used a towel) You can then use both hands to guide the socket wrench. Use a small one. I used my right hand to sit the bit, them used my left hand on the wrench. This took so me working but it came lose and used my hand to lossen the bolt and remove it. (it's much easier to put back)
4. I only one side off to install it. I used 3m tape in the sections that touched and fasten it to the disfuser with heavy duty zip ties.
4. Place the zip ties through the lip, then fasten not loosely on the difuser, once you get both sides on, then tighten the zip ties. Unused two on each side along with 3m tape on the two contact spots.
5. Have the right tools and its a challenging install.
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