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Hi new member here, I just purchased a Ti with Sport performance package upgraded 8.8 Nav/HK, in Volcano black, claret red interior with 6,500 miles on the clock, basically he only had it 3 1/2 months, as I was told he traded it in for the QV.

Sticker was 46k or so, I haggled down to 35,500 before taxes and fees, which in CA equates to 39k with 9.25% sales tax. I assume I got a good deal, as car is pretty much brand new, but wanted to get other people's perspective. I see some of the base models advertised for a little less, but not the sport models etc.

In addition does anyone, when the 18s finally get android auto/apple carplay whether the 17 wil be applicable, even if we have pay for it?

Many thanks

Simon aka Byecklad :wink2:
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