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Power Mirror Question

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Hi guys, sorry if this has already been asked but I couldn’t find the answer when searching. I just picked up a 2018 TI Sport over the weekend and noticed when opening and closing the mirrors, the driver side mirror opens/closes noticeably slower than the passenger side. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks in advance.
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I have not, no. Mine seem to open/close at the same speed.
Same speed here.
I have a 2017 TI My passenger mirror had problems where it would never return to the right position after the alarm was set. The dealer ended up having to change the controller. Hope this helps. Also I have noticed Alfa, Maserati dealerships are a zillion times better than Dodge,Fiat,Alfa dealerships.
Thanks for the feedback guys! After further analysis, a lot of cars work this way by design because the angle of the passenger mirror is less than the driver’s side. When looking at the two mirrors closely, the outer edge of the passenger mirror does seem closer to the door than the driver’s side(need to measure when I get home). If the angle is indeed different, then I would be surprised to see them operate at the same speed, so maybe it’s fine. It is only about a half second to second difference.
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