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I noticed the other day that the power driver's seat on my 2017 Giulia Ti AWD automatically slid backwards after I had stopped the car and opened the door, which is a nice feature as it makes it easier to exit the seat. But this appears to have happened randomly as it soon afterwards stopped doing this (I think after I had adjusted the memory seat position). Is there any way to re-activate this feature?

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I thought it was a permanent thing even with seat memory. Tried going into the seat section of the Giulia owner's manual and couldn't find anything about sliding back. Sorry. :(

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I think it depends on your driving position. It only does it if your seat position is within xx cm's of steering wheel .....

edit, from manual :
The Easy Entry function is designed to
retract the driver side seat automatically
by 2.36 in (60 mm) to make it easier for
the driver to get in and out of the car.
The movement is activated only if the
seat is set to a driving position which is in
front of the B pillar of the car.

The function is always active and
associated with electrically adjustable
front seats for each of the three stored

Activating entrance mode
With the door open and the starter device
at STOP, the driver side seat will be in a
position retracted by 2.36 in (60 mm)
with respect to the driving position set by
the user.
When the door is closed and the starter
device is in the ON position, the seat will
automatically return to the set driving

NOTE If the seat is moved manually while
it is still in retracted position, it will
remain in the new set position when the
car is entered again.
Activating exit mode
In order to help the driver get out of the
car, the driver side seat will move back by
2.36 in (60 mm) when the starter device
is in STOP mode and the driver side door
is opened.

NOTE Pressing any button on the seat
memory or control panel will immediately
interrupt the automatic positioning
function (antipanic function). The
operation must be repeated to complete
the function.
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