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The manual says to Always apply the Parking Brake!

Manual further says:
"Auto Park Brake": if the vehicle speed is below 1.9 mph (3 km/h), the electric park brake will automatically engage when the gear selector is in PARK (P) position. The light on the switch located on the center console switches on together with the BRAKE warning light on the instrument panel when the park brake is engaged and applied to the wheels. Each automatic park brake engagement can be cancelled by pressing the switch on the center console and at the same time moving the gear selector for the transmission to position PARK (P).

"Drive Away Release" — if equipped: the electric park brake will automatically disengage with the driver side seat belt fastened and the detection of an action performed by the driver to move the vehicle (forward gear or reverse gear).

So if I have these two settings selected, can I ignore the Parking Brake button and just put the transmission into Park to automatically set the parking brake and out of Park to release the parking brake?

In what situations would you want to operate the Parking Brake in a different manner?
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