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Hello all,

I've been lurking forever, being a alfa nut since I saw my first guilietta spider at age 8; something about the snake and the combination of names? Anyways I have had four: Alfetta GT & sedan, 72 spider and 71 GTV, and have been waiting for a V6 sedan since they were "announced" in 78 or so.
The Milano didn't do it visually, the 164 was FWD ... and they keep getting bigger so I may end up with the truck version, as it would be more useful to me than a Q with non folding seats.

What prompted me to register was the Q badge discussion - my GTV was missing C pillar badges when I purchased it, so I picked the cloverleaf from Alfa Ricambi in Glendale and painted them green and white.
To coin someone elses instagram, it's alfatude in my mind, don't put them on if you drive it slow - and the spiders sold with them kinda negate any special performance connotations - but that is just my opinion.

The talk of launch techniques makes me think not many here have had American V8's with automatics.:surprise:

I pay particular attention to the codes/problems, as although I would put up with it, these type of things cause great concern for my wife in her BMW, and I really don't want her going off on Alfas for no good reason. So my waiting for a Q Stelvio before making a final decision will hopefully allow AR to get virtually all of this sorted.

Other stuff, moved to the Boston area 2 1/2 years ago after thirty plus years in Los Angeles area.
Had a 78 Saab99 turbo when they first came out, and really appreciated the seating position and utility (including a trailer hitch), hated the FWD and turbo. Hence the Stelvio attraction, as motorcycles and other stuff need to be transported. Renting a Brea and a 14?4 on european trips were reminders of how much I like Alfas, and don't like FWD. And I'll toss in here that my experience with AR is they are not problem prone, or even quirky, unless you have little to compare them with.

Pretty bummed about the no stick shift decision, although it does keep this from turning into an issue with the wife, as she will be using it on snow days - the carbon fiber plow on the guilia Q might not survive the snowplow berms the city leaves at the end of my driveway in winter. I do hope the R mode on the Stelvio Q disables the AWD, as playing in the snow etc is fun (Alfettas are great in the snow) - and no defeat for all the nanny stuff is an issue for me on all the 4 cylinder versions.

Sooo, I don't expect to be posting much as I don't have one to talk about, and don't know what I will end up with - heck, I might convert a Milano into an El Camino and avoid codes, automatics, and turbos altogether, and the wife can pick whatever AWD vehicle she prefers.
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