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Nitron Coilovers for the Giulia QV

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Nitron Coilovers coming soon. LIkely plug and play version and R3 version.

If you missed my post on FB.

Nitron update: After 2+ years of bugging Nitron they are finally going to get going. I believe with help of GMS we both lite a fire under Nitrons rear to develop a true track coilover setup for the Giulia QV, likely others after the QV as well.
I meeting with Nitron in May here in San Diego and will discuss how to proceed with development. I have reached out to some of my UK customers and found 2 willing to donate their cars for a bit. Nitron is setting of camp near Alfissimo so we will have mine and another QV for development further.
Looking forward to this and I will keep you posted on the progress.

NITRON UPDATE, Shocks have been made with available parts in stock at Nitron. First Test Drive is HAPPENING THIS WEEK or next... hahaha! We are getting closer!

I will be meeting with head engineer in CA next week. So stoked for this.

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Shocks fitted and out for testing....
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How will these play with the damping control? Or will they just not lol
The development set which the owner now has back and is testing is a 3 way adjustable kit and includes the electronic delete kit, Nitron will be adding an electronic adjustable System as well as a 1 way adjustable system.
Feedback from the customer is already proving great , with much more control, grip and comfort with no bottoming out at a lower ride height, he is on track next week.
More to come....
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