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I've been meaning to write this up for a while now but I also wanted to give it a couple months to see how well the results lasted. This stuff really works! I did a full detail, then washed the car again with dawn dish soap, then clay barred it, then applied the ceramic coating using a microfiber. Being practically a brand new car the clay bar didn't really pull out anything but probably safe to do no matter what. I would recommend having two or three perfectly clean microfibers for the application process, as once they get saturated it starts to streak and take longer/more work.

Application is really easy- you simply apply with one side of the microfiber and lightly buff with the reverse side. It's very apparent where you've already applied and where you haven't mostly due to the slickness under the microfiber. You can really feel the difference. I would recommend doing this in your garage or on an overcast day as it will dry on it's own before you can buff it out (which is exactly what the instructions tell you to avoid).

All in all the car looked SPECTACULAR after applying it. The car had a mirror finish and the Competizione Rosso paint looked better than when I took delivery of the car. I even put it on the exterior of the windows and it helps bead the water extremely well. I think the coating doesn't hold up as long on the windshield because of the wipers creating some abrasion. That being said, the water on the windshield still beads very well even two months and 6-7 days driving in the rain later. The paint feels very slick and gives you the impression its really protecting the clearcoat from any sort of abrasion.

All in all I'm extremely happy with it and I think it's well worth the time/effort. The car never got very grubby and when it rains it rinses the car off. Going at highway speeds wicks all the water off and veolia your car looks almost brand new again. I've been using Meguiar's quick wax to take care of any little spots here and there and it seems to work wonderfully over the ceramic coating. Considering I hadn't washed the car for two months until last weekend I was stunned at how easy it was to do a full detail this time. Strongly recommend this for the efficacy/price/ease of application. I'd also love to hear about any other ceramic coating/sealing products you guys have tried out that might be even better and/or cheaper!

Right after applying it:



Water beading (the car is bone dry after driving home if it's stopped raining by then):


After two months without washing at all:

A lot of brake dust on the rims and dirt left behind the wheels and on the rear of the car but otherwise shockingly clean.
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