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Hello from SFL,

Picking up a RWD sport today. Originally selected Gray 07/2017 build but ACP and Android Auto not working.
Dealer tried to update the software but still does not work.

Switching to a Red 10/2017 build with ACP and Android Auto working which list $100 each on the sticker.
Looking forward to have a blast everyday!

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Welcome Tandao from Japan! I'm here on vacation. Red is a great choice. It attracts the chics like a huge magnet! :p

What the **** does SFL stand for?

Scottish Football League
Sports Football
Suburban Friendship League
Ski for Light
Space Flight Laboratory
S/MIME Freeware Library
Skarred For Life
Sao Filipe, Cape Verde Islands
Sludge Free Life
Single For Life
Sergeant For Life
Stunt For Life
Stephanie Fenxi Ling
Structural Floor Level
Single File Line
Simulated Forced Landing
Saskatchewan Federation of Labour
South Florida ................................................ BINGO!
Skills For Learning
Skills for Life
So Freaking Light
Songs for LiFE
Sprint Family Locator
Standard Function Library
Students for Liberty

BJ ..... (baka gaijin) ..... In the Army I was known as the HMFIC

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lol i'm guessing Florida ;)

Welcome tandeo, thanks for joining! Red is the fastest color by far
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