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New Member, Love the Giulia!

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Hi Guys

From Leicester in the UK. Currently drive a tuned Insignia VXR and looking for me next 4 door saloon, have a lovely soft spot for them.

Our local dealer doesn't have much on these yet but have registered to get any updates that come through.

Looking forward to this car so much.

Speak soon.
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Hey there...Glad to meet you.
Looks like you have pretty sweet ride in the Vauxhall !
I'm sure you have been enjoying it. It's a brand not too many in the States are familiar with, myself included. I must say, I'm impressed.

Should be a easy transition to the Giulia for you. Can one assume you'll be getting a Quadrifolio? Do you have a configuration in mind? (Color,wheels, interior, etc.)

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Yes in the states I believe its the Buick Regal...

Its a big brand here in the UK, with the Insignia VXR being quite rare. Had the car for about 3 years now, 400bhp at the crank.

Yes only looking at the Quadrifolio, we only get the automatic transmission option.

Similar colour theme to what I have already

With red calipers

I've not even seen a UK brochure yet so really don't have any idea on what will be available to me. The dealers have had their training, but no material to hand to give to potential buyers.
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I might be looking into getting neochrome calipers especially when it comes to white, red or blue...on black it just wouldn't look good.
Welcome to the forums firstly. Red calipers would definitely look great. But I personally am starting to feel like they're really common. Like @groundforce said, I really wouldn't mind a set of neo-chromes as my exterior colour of choice would be white.
I think you guys are on to something...
Neochrome calipers would look pretty cool with any color. Love the way they morph there color.

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Oh dear lord that is a gorgeous whee/brake setup. That is what we need on a Giulia ! Someone work some photoshop magic :O
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