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Hi All,

I've posted a couple of times but had to make it official. Had a hard time finding an in-stock Giulia Ti RWD in Monte Carlo Blue with Tan interior spec'd with Sport Package, Ti Performance Package and Sunroof, but finally found one in Chicago. Picked it up yesterday and drove it home to the Nashville area. Couple of pics on a rainy day and while on my drive included.


  1. I cross shopped everything from new Audi S3 to used BMW 650 Gran Coupe, even if in my heart I wanted something more unique and, as an Italian, knew the Giulia was top of the list.
  2. Giulia is a much better ride than S3 (quick, but short wheelbase and jittery). May be the Ti Performance package, but the damping both on or off were both great.
  3. I think the Giulia is putting out a bit more than 280HP. Totally impressed with on the go acceleration. Light chassis helps for sure.
  4. Handling is fantastic. Had to make emergency evasive maneuver around truck tire in the road and it was excellent.
  5. Not enough can be said about how great having short ratio steering is. Fantastic.
  6. Interior materials quality not quite Audi level (I've had original Allroad, v8 S4 and 3.0 A6 Avant), but hella good and my wife loves the simplicity. Says its her favorite ever.
  7. Sport Seats ROCK. That being said, I did notice a bit of 'play' in them when I push back/brace. And no front tilt on sports seats is only partially offset by manual cushion extension.
  8. Transmission is so good. First time I'll actually use paddle shifters.
  9. 450+ miles at highway speeds (overall average = 78mph) including some fun runs between Louisville and Bowling Green, 28.6 mpg. Not too shabby folks.
  10. Exhaust note could use a tweak. Future mod....perhaps with a power boost....
  11. Need a new rear license plate surround to replace the god awful gold one the dealer put on!

So that's the scoop. Definitely haven't seen another Giulia in Nashville yet, though local dealer has sold 5 so far. If you're in the area and have or are thinking of buying one, PM me.

Regards and happy driving!


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Congrats on the purchase, the car looks great! Also loved how your wife(?) acted charming in the pic :)

I've driven mine (Ti Q2) for 2k miles now and I have to agree with all your observations. Happy driving indeed!

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Welcome :)
Congrats :grin2:

If you remove both the muffler and the resonator, your Ti should sound a lot like the Fiat 500 Abarth and the Alfa 4C. My daily is a 4C and my previous was an Abarth. The three cars have a lot in common in this regard. Small four cylinder engine (1.4; 1.75; 2.0), direct injection, variable valve timing, turbo charged.

The Abarth and the 4C run a straight pipe (stock, no muffler). The turbo and the catalytic converter absorb a lot of noise, which is why they can get away without a muffler.

I have a Ti on order. When it gets here, I'll be experimenting with the exhaust note. It's just to tame for me, but, most saloon drivers like it that way, tame.
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