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I've been reading through this forum for about two months, bought a Q4 TI, Lusso about a month ago, and finally signed up for this forum today. 0:)

I just wanted to tell everyone here how helpful you've been; this forum has been a great resource for various topics.

A few weeks ago, I had the dreaded Electonic Throttle Control issue, while on the way home from my 13 year old daughter's post surgery appointment. That was fun. :mad: Not. My husband was driving and can you believe he had the nerve to get a bloody nose, IN MY GORGEOUS CAR, :grin2: poor guy.... so he pulled over at a gas station, I ran in for napkins and then hopped in the drivers seat - which really, is where I should always sit. 0:) When I shifted into reverse, the engine died. WTF??? Tried several times to start the car, with zero luck. Waited about 10 minutes and it started. The check engine light stayed on, but I didn't care. Drove home about 20 mikes without issue. Once in my driveway, I put it in reverse to back into the garage, it died again and threw the ETC warning again. (This time I managed to take a pic) So there it sat all night and the dealership came the next morning to pick it up. Kept it for 4 days. (Thurs-Mon) They claimed they had never heard of this issue, but lucky for me, I looked it up here and figured out it was a simple update. Not sure why it took them so long, but it's fixed.

Anyway, wasn't really planning on rambling on, mainly just wanted to say hi and offer my thanks to this group.

I am thrilled to be part of the Alfa family. This car is a pleasure to own!


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