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Old-time multi-Alfa owner, finally broke down and leased a 2018 Giulia TI Sport Q2 (RWD, performance package, 19x8/9). Found one without all the electronic crap (lane control, collision avoidance, etc.) and couldn't resist. Happy to have the Vulcano Black Metallic -- if I'd taken the red, I probably wouldn't have a license for very long.

My big unanswered question after poking around this forum is: Has anyone found a way to disable stop/start permanently?

Anyway, glad to find the group!

-- Larry

Official Old-Timer List:
(1962) 1956 Dodge 2dr ht -- back yard cruising/radio-listening junker car only, since I was only 15.
(1964) 1957 Plymouth Belvedere convertible, cream with red interior, 318 V8, 4sp.
(1964) 1963 Honda Dream 250, red -- first bike.
(1965) 1964 Corvair Monza convertible, dark green/cream top and interior, 4sp.
(1965) Honda 305 SuperHawk, black. Rode from NJ to CA in six days -- still regret it.
(1966) 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto (boattail), pale yellow/black, 5sp.
(1968) 1967/8 Fiat Dino Spider, red/black, 5sp.
(1970) 1970 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce (squaretail), silver/black, 5sp.
(1970) 1968 Alfa Romeo Berlina Ti 1750 4dr, burgundy/black, 5sp., for the new wife.
(1971) 1961 Triumph TR-3A, black, 4sp.
(1972) 1972 Fiat 124 Spyder, red/black, 5sp.
(1973) 1973 De Tomaso Pantera, silver/black, 5sp.
(1974) 1974 Kawasaki Triple S3 400cc, blue.
(1974) 1974 Lotus Europa S2 JPS, BRG, 5sp.
(1975) 1975 Vega GT, BRG (white stripes)/black, 4sp.
(1976) 1976 Pontiac Sunbird 2dr, silver/red, even-firing V6/ BW 5sp.
(1976) 1972 Elden PRH-10 Formula Ford (first dedicated track car), red, 1600cc Kent Ford/5sp Hewland.
(1977) 1975 Triumph Spitfire, yellow, 1500cc/4sp.
(1979) 1973 Lola 342C FF, silver, 1600cc Ford/5sp. Hewland.
(1979) 1979 Mustang Cobra convertible, silver/black, 302/5sp.
(1981) 1980 Triumph TR-8, red (originally aqua)/tan, 3.5L/5sp., modified w/Holley390, rally brakes, Borla, lsd, cage, etc.
(1982) 1982 Honda Civic FE, blue, 1300cc/5sp.
(1984) 1984 Audi 5000 4dr, silver/grey, 5cyl/5sp.
(1985) 1985 Honda VF500F Interceptor, red/white/blue.
(1987) 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT, black/tan, 3.8L/5sp.
(1989) 1989 Swift DB3 FF/CSR, silver, 2000cc/5sp.
(1998) 1998 Honda Magna 750, blue.
(2001) 2001 Honda Civic Si, teal metallic
(2001) 2001 Aprilia Falco, metallic red, 998cc/6sp., Akropovich CF exhausts.
(2001) 2002 BMW 325i 4dr, sport suspension & seats, grey/grey, 2.5L V6/5sp., picked up in Munich.
(2002) 2002 Honda 919 (CB900F) #114, black, 919cc/6sp. cored. (current)
(2008) 2008 Honda S-2000, silver/black, 6sp.
(2008) 2007 Yamaha C3, silver, 50cc/cvt.
(2011) 2011 Porsche Boxster, silver/tan, 6sp.
(2013) 2013 Mini Roadster S, Kite Blue/black. (current)
(2016) Ford Escape Titanium, metallic red (current)
(2018) Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Sport Q2 (RWD, performance package, 19x8/9), Vulcano Black Metallic (current)


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That's quite a list! You'll find the Giulia is quite unlike anything you've ever owned. As you drive it, and it learns you and how you drive, it changes it's behavior. As good as it is on first drive, as you put miles on it, it actually gets even better. There's no way to permanently disable stop/start. Fortunately you can just push the button to disable it whenever you start the car. I think of it as just one of those things I do automatically, like taking off the emergency brake. My ritual is: start car, disable stop/start, take off emergency brake, check mirror, put car in gear.

Welcome to the forum. This is one of the better ones, without all the juvenile garbage talk you tend to see on other forums.
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