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Hi everybody, I'm Mario and I'm new to this forum, I got a Black Giulia TI Q2 with red interiors.

Sadly I got hit in my 2015 BMW 320i M Sport (271hp with tuned ECU) and was a total loss... I was thinking on getting another BMW but just went to a dealer with the wife and kids and they fell in love right away with the Giulia.

What I can share is that I'm thrilled with the car, it really feels one of a kind and at another level of sportiness compared with the BMW or the other germans. Turn in is incredible. The steering wheel with the huge aluminum paddles and the five hole rims are my favorites.

So far I have added:

Pirelli PZero Run Flat Tires with 255 width in the back
White led lighting to the interior
LEDs with the Alfa Romeo logo that gets projected to the ground from the front doors.
Red Start Button
Roof bars with cargo box (I keep them uninstalled unless I need them because the sunroof won't open with them on)
Rear spoiler

I´ve had only one problem so far, I ran into a pothole and destroyed the front right tire, the rim was ok luckily, but the right headlight alignment went to the roof. Tried to fix it myself but apparently you need a 6mm long allen key and I've read the base might have broken or unplugged. It should be fixed next week at the dealer.


Just one really, you just can´t turn off the traction control. I hated that since the first day (I knew before hand) and thanks to this forum I think I have successfully changed the DNA to Type3/DNA/Sport with the MES software and I'm just waiting to receive the new DNA switch with Race Mode to see if it will work.


Mario A

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