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Car enthusiast since childhood (a long time ago)
Member of Fiat Club America since 1986.
Original owner of an '81 Fiat Spider

Picked up my Giulia Ti AWD 11/25/17. We also, the week before, got a Alfa Stelvio.

The reason for this “Alfalanche” is that my wife’s Jeep Grand Cherokee lease was up and my 2015 Chrysler 200 met an untimely demise.

Full disclosure, my son works for FCA, so I got good deals.

Giulia Pros and Cons:

2017 Giulia ti, Black on Black

Not as many features or utility as my Chrysler 200.

The 200 had uconnect remote start, cavernous trunk, probably the best infotainment system on Earth, and a silky quiet V6 engine. By contrast, the Giulia has stingy storage space, and a very user Unfriendly infotainment system.

Ok, that’s about it for cons.


It’s beautiful. Fit, finish and materials are first rate.

It is absolute bliss to drive. Just pure joy. Instant power, razor sharp handling, compliant ride.

It has the Alfa Logo on it.

Most of the above applies to the Stelvio. 2018 ti. Stromboli Gray/ Red
The Alfa SUV drives like a sports car.

One bit of advice is that if buying, try to opt for the upgraded seat package.

My Giulia has it, the Stelvio does not.

Hence in the Stelvio you cannot adjust the angle of the bottom seat cushion, and I get the sensation of sliding off of it.

Not my first Alfa. :wink2:
Previous cars owned. Edited List: 1982 Ferrari Mondial, 1991 Alfa Spider, 1994 two Alfa 164LS, two 91 Alfa 164's, several BMW E46 3 series, Saab 9-5, 2003 BMW 530i manual, and my first DD, a 1979 Chevy Monza :)

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Are you going to join NYAROC? We meet Sundays for breakfast. You should go to the website. Congrats on the car.

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Hi Sam!

Glad you finally got back on the wagon :)
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Welcome aboard Sam

Greetings Sam....Dino here.....glad to see your stable is full of Alfas !!!
Wake up early one Sunday and hang out for a while....Also, maybe we need to set up a tour.....Talk to you soon....D
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