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Hi Guys,

I've been playing with the navigation. I'm planning my vacation to Italy.
I set the destination and saw the nav will send me via Germany.
I always go thru France so I looked to set an alternate route.
Found out that it is not possible to set an alternate route.
Anyone has the same experience, or have I missed something?


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you can add points to create a route, and then calculate a route through these points. See manual page 31, "route management"

To access the “Edit Route” function,
select it by turning the Rotary Pad and
press the Rotary Pad to activate.
With this function, you can add
specifications and improve the route
choice. The possible options are:
Add new destination
This allows you to add a new destination;
the entry method is the same as that
described in the "Set destination"
paragraph. After having completed the
entry, confirm the action by selecting the
“Add to current trip” option;
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