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2018 Giulia TI Sport AWD Misano Blue/Black Ice
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In case anyone else was holding off due to some problem comments on previous versions, I updated yesterday. Things went smoothly.

The only thing I think I noticed that was different in the process was that it gave me an estimated time of 37 minutes. (Maybe it did that in the past, but it didn't seem familiar.) I had forgotten to turn off Stop/Start, so when I hit a light the display changed and I thought I'd have to start over or worse. I went back to the Update Map setting and it started right up again. The 37 minutes we close to dead on, accounting for my little glitch.

2018 Giulia Ti Sport Q4; 3D Connect Nav version.

Your mileage may vary.

(Admin: There used to be a pinned Navigation thread, but I couldn't find it if it still exists.)

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