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Well good news is Alfa talks about Car Play & Andorid Auto for the 2018 Giulia's. See attached 2018 User Guide, page 216. FYI the owners manual is available for all 2018 models as well.
When I ordered my MY2018 Ti, I was given a 2 page "Product Enhancement" update that stated that "for MY2018, Apple Car Play and Android Auto will be standard on all models".
Interestingly, I just spoke with Xandrea at Alfa Chat about this yesterday.
She was able to provide me with my VIN!
Anyway, I asked her about the above. She stated that it would be included as standard at "a later date".
I reiterated that I was shown the Product Enhancement page that said....
She replied that her information said.....
She said that she would investigate, and get back to me
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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