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LMAO...if you can't tell from my forum name...I live/breathe M cars>:)
I still have my E30 M3 (my 1st) and I have a Dinan S2 E39 modding cars is in the DNA (pardon the pun) but with the QV I feel it is as good as it can get without screwing with it...
I miss my E36 M3 (95) it was my dedicated track car...full Turner Stage 3 kit, Brembos, coil overs cage etc.....I think they are great cars and now the prices are rising as people realize it...
who did/doing the conversion for you?? when you can:wink2:

My DD since 2010 is a 2008 535 xi Touring Wagon.
When I bought it I had the Dinan Stage 2 installed.
Torque went from 300 to 415.

Best increase in torque with the least amount of money I've ever enjoyed.
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