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Looking to trade 18' wheels for Ti 19's

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I figured this is a long shot but it never hurts to try lol

Looking for the black 19' 5 hole wheels from a Ti in exchange for my stock 18 Giulia sport wheels and cash on top of it! Located in south Florida
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Less than 900 miles on the wheels

I have the 19” sport wheels if you’re interested. I wouldn’t need a trade but if you want them they have 400 miles on them they’re absolutely perfect. They come with tires too.

Email me at [email protected] if interested.

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You've got the color combo I originally wanted! I had to settle for red calipers.

Less than 900 miles on the wheels
Yea I originally wanted red calipers until I saw the yellow ones lol
So, I would really be interested in just buying your 18s. Can you send me a price including shipping to 87501 via PM? Probably wouldn't be ready to buy for 2-3 weeks, but I'm going to be in a snowy climate and have summer rubber on my 19s.
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