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A Blue Alfa Romeo Giulia QV has recently arrived at a dealership in Luxembourg and a close-up video of the unboxing has already been uploaded onto YouTube. Since it’s unveiling in June last year, we and the press have been anxiously waiting for the Giulia’s release with only pictures and the odd captured footage here and there to quench our need for more.

Well now we have an up close and personal video of the Montecarlo Blue Metallic Giulia QV in all its 510 horsepower glory. Tuned to lap the Nürburgring in 7 minutes and 39 seconds, this V6 engine starts up with a deep roar and continues to sound magnificent while backing off the truck and idling. What’s also shown is a close up shot of the Giulia’s interior cabin featuring front seats with carbon fiber paneling.

While the engine does sound amazing, one commenter has pointed out that only the two innermost exhaust pipes are producing steam and thus assumed the two other exhaust pipes are fake but that’s most likely untrue.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia QV is equipped with an electrically adjustable exhaust system which could be similar to the one found in a BMW M4. To open up the last 2 exhaust valves you will need to put the QV into Race mode (there’s four selectable drive modes) which activates an overboost function and the two remaining exhaust valves will open up.

Also worth noting is the volume difference when the two bypass valves are closed since the noise produced should be dampened a bit. If that is what the Giulia QV sounds like at start up with only two exhausts open, can you imagine what it’ll sound like in Race mode?
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