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Issues with Unlocking Passenger Doors

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I had my Giulia Quad for just over a month. I have already had to send the car to the dealer as I experienced a blown amplifier right after a tinting job. Cant really tell if it was the tint installation or the car wash right after that caused it. but it was definitely water related, as the dealer mentioned that the amp was dripping wet when they took it out.

But there is another issue that I have been noticing, the passenger doors will not unlock with key fob once I park and step out of the car. I even turned on the "unlock all doors on exit" feature. Sometimes it just does not unlock all doors, and when that happens, I cant unlock the passenger doors with either the key fob or the driver side unlock button. The only way for me to open the passenger doors is to pull the door latch from inside the car. I could not replicate this for the dealer, so they were not able to figure out the issue. Has anyone else seen this problem? or is this a user error?
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Quick update on my issues so far... The unlocking issue got to a point where I just couldn't take it anymore. I lived with it for about a month. In that month, I also had the car go into "limp" mode during a track day and it gave me a service engine warning at the same time. That was a little embarrassing as everyone had their eyes on the Quad and I had to pull out in the middle of a lap and slowly make my way back to the paddock area not knowing what was going on. Although, the limp mode and service engine warning went away on its own the next morning.

So finally I went to the dealer to get everything checked and it took them a couple of days to figure out the issue. The dealer also had to call in the regional technician from Alfa just to make sure that they get the correct diagnosis. It turned out to be the body control module(BCM). Once they changed that, magically the unlocking issue went away. According to the dealer, BCM also caused the service engine warning and all the codes that came up due to that. I have had the car back for a couple of weeks now and there have been no further issues. In my experience, the dealership and Alfa have been very responsive when it came to fixing the 2 major issues with my car, so I have no complaints there.
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Wow so the BCM is involved with door locks. How about body roll, side slip and other gforce effects? That could be related to the engine limp/shutdowns.
I was surprised as well when they told me it was the BCM that caused the unlocking issue. With regards to the engine limp, I am not sure if gforce effects caused the issue in my case. I had two 20min sessions of issue free track time. The engine went into limp mode when I went out for a 3rd session and in the 1st corner of the out lap when I wasn't really pushing the car. I also let the car cool-down for atleast 40-60 mins between sessions as well.
The check engine light is a well known issue when running the QV on the track and the fuel level is below 1/3rd. If you fill the car up with more fuel and cycle the ignition it disappears. There have been multiple reports of this from those few (like Al, Cassino and others) who have multiple tracked the QV. Ultimately it seems its a software fault likely causing this as it sees given the heightened consumption that there is inadequate fuel left. Its not actually a fault with the drive-train and I dont believe its BCM related. The alarm, parking sensors and door unlocking etc are BCM related however. There is an updated software patch as part of the 6117 campaign that would have likely addressed these issues for your car but a new BCM is fine too...
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