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An image of what seems to be a five door Alfa Romeo Giulia has been circulating on social media and we could be looking at the rear of a Giulia Estate. Even publications like CarThrottle is picking it up.

This isn’t the first time a rendering of what could be the Giulia Sportwagon has surfaced on the internet. Last year, Alessandro Masera produced one of his own as did X-Tomi design. An estate variant has never been confirmed by Alfa Romeo themselves, we’re just all under the assumption that a five door variant was inevitable.

So far, no one has claimed this image as their own which supports the rumors that this is actually a leaked image. But if a Sportwagon is on its way, why haven’t spy photographers seen a prototype testing yet? Also, Autocar has taken down their article on the supposed leak. Until the automaker confirms or deny the existence of a Giulia Sportwagon, we’ll have to take this circulating image with a grain of salt.

Even if what we’re seeing is a leaked concept image, there are more pressing questions that needs answering. Will Alfa Romeo make a Quadrifoglio version? Let us know what you think.
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