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Harald Wester shoulders the role of heading up both Alfa Romeo and Maserati, he spoke with Motor Trend on the future of the brands which shed interesting light on where and when Alfa is going

When asked if the Ghiblis is as small as Maserati would go in terms of price point, Wester responded "No, not in size, because we will offer a sports car which will be more compact. Regarding sedans, we will not go to a compact sedan. That would be Alfa area, no? The perfect range, from our point of view, for the time being — might change over the future — but full-size, large sedans, luxury SUV, sports coupe and convertible, plus a GranTurismo because, let's say, that is one of the products, one of the iconic products of the brand."

Reading between the lines when asked about the Alfieri, it seems that car could end up also becoming the 6C. "From my point of view, the Alfieri is, or will be, positioned slightly below the current position of the GranTurismo, even if details still have to be determined and to be worked out. I don't know if I should give you a number — difficult to say. I don't remember the global peak volume of cars like the GranTurismo. It would have been in the range of 4,500 to 5,000. If we could do similar numbers times 1.5 as a peak for both versions, coupe and convertible, I wouldn't be unhappy. You know for sure that this segment of the sports luxury vehicles is one of the few segments in the global luxury car markets that didn't grow. It went just the opposite direction over the last decade."

Maserati has long needed a development partner within FCA, with FIAT being too lowly and Ferrari too unobtanium, Having Alfa and Maserati under the same guidance may actually spur both brands forward, cross pollinating and collaborating on top tier products!
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