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Hi All,
First post here. Looking at my next vehicle. I currently have a 2014 Audi S5. Fantastic car, but it's a 2+2 and thus can only hold 80% of my family. I was near dead set on a 1 year old CPO Audi S6, but they just changed their CPO program to just one extra year of warranty, rather than the previous 2. For some reason that really rubbed me the wrong way and my eye started to wander.
So far what has caught my eye:

  • Cadillac ATS-V and CTS-V

  • Jag Sportbrake

  • Volvo S or V 60 Polestar (maybe even S or V 90)

  • Alpha Gulia QV

  • NO BMW

  • NO MB

I have found several excellent deals on very slightly used 2018 QV throughout the country and have no problem having one shipped or if within one day's drive,a one way plane ride. That's how I got my S5.
My only real concern with the Gulia QV is the unknown is the longevity. I have seen recent posts regarding purchasing an extended warranty thru Mopar etc.

Q: Can I purchase a Mopar extended warranty (or other manufacturer backed extended warranty) for the QV if I am the second owner, or are the extended warranties only applicable those who purchased new?

Brian in TX
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