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How hard do you drive your 2.0T Giulia?

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As the title states, I’d like to get a general idea of how you guys are driving your cars? I drive my car daily and it sees full load/boost and redline multiple times daily. I always wait until it’s warmed up on the temp gauge. But I use dynamic mode and paddles often and run the car through its paces often.


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Somebody is looking for you … 🙄
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And this is what the owner of the Quadrifoglio says???
It's like buying professional competition running shoes and only wearing them at Walmart!
Dude, buy yourself a Prius and drive in the right lane on the highway
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This does not look like the Walmart parking lot … point is, don’t be a fool on the street 🙄
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I agree, but it was not necessary to talk about the police:кофе:
But somehow, necessary to tell me to buy a Prius. Not sure where you are from, but where I live, triple digit speeds are considered reckless with automatic jail time, car impounded, and possibly (likely) loss of drivers license.
But hey, to each their own. if you can afford such complications, be my guest. I'll spend my money at the Walmart parking lot, AKA the track... triple digit speeds all day long :круто:

glad to meet you) I moved to US from Russia 3 years ago. It measures speed in three-digit numbers (km/h). At the moment I am waiting for my Quadrifoglio in a couple of weeks (sailing from Italy at the moment). It is a pity that in the US there are no highways without speed limits like in Germany:крики:
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