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How hard do you drive your 2.0T Giulia?

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As the title states, I’d like to get a general idea of how you guys are driving your cars? I drive my car daily and it sees full load/boost and redline multiple times daily. I always wait until it’s warmed up on the temp gauge. But I use dynamic mode and paddles often and run the car through its paces often.


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I generally stay within 5-10mph of the speed limit, but in corners/turns I generally go fast and even get the tail out at least once a day lol.

Just hit Mulholland here in LA and was definitely out squealing the tires, but only in portions with good visibility where I can see there's no bikers/dogs/traffic ahead.

These cars LOVE being chucked around. Go kart/10 😁
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I take turns and accelerate faster than most cars. But I don`t do anything reckless like speeding a lot. The 2.0L is a fun daily driver but its not a fast car by any means.
Yeah and combined with the turbo lag down low I rarely actually floor the car from a stop. It just doesn't have the sensation a proper 6 cyl car will.

This car is about turning with sports car reflexes.
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